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"Border Patrol" Al Moore

"Visions Of a Texas Spring"

"Cotton Picking Time" Artist: Al Moore

About the Artist

I am just an old country boy who grew up in Texas during a simpler time. I never dreamed of being an artist or event knew anyone who was one. Sometimes when I see the variety of people who are called "artist" I just feel like saying that I paint pictures. I paint mostly the Texas Hill  Country but, love to paint any scene that has hills, rocks, and clear flowing streams. I paint the things that I see and take inspiration from all God's creations. I believe that there is always something new to learn in painting and that we study and learn from other artist of the past. There are certain basics in art such as drawing, design, color, values edges, and mood that are all important in making a good painting and we do well to follow them. I paint because I need to. Painting is not a job but a joy and I can't imagine retiring from painting. I think that for some reason God gave me the talent, or desire, to observe the wonders of his creation and to create in a human way a picture of my vision.

Al Moore was born and has lived in central Texas area most of his life. His home and studio are located just outside of Belton. Al received his degree in Commercial  Art from Texas Tech. After retiring in 1982 he has devoted full time to painting, teaching workshop and classes, doing demonstrations for art groups, and traveling around the country looking for places to paint. Al's painting have won numerous awards and prizes in shows. Had a number of one man shows and his work can be found in private and corporate collections in the U.S. and abroad. 

Featured Artist: Sharon Saunders

Another Prairie Spring

Wearin No Mans Brand

Under The Hungry Moon

Sharon Saunders
About the Artist

I was born February 13, 1943 in Houston, Texas. I was introduced to the thrill of paint in the first grade. From then on I took every opportunity to draw, paint and study art. With the encouragement of my parents and art teachers, I entered and received recognition in a number of scholastic competitions.

Graduated from Texas Academy of art in 1962 and began her career in art after raising her family. Starting with commissioned art for friends to inclusion in national magazines and galleries, which lead to an incredible succession of commissions all over the nation.

In 2002 we made our escape to the hill country where we now live in the mesquite patch north of Rosebud. Recently, I’ve found time to paint some wild places of Texas in both highly detailed studio landscapes and quick, impressionistic ‘plein aire’ pieces. The latter being so enjoyable because it usually involves a painting adventure with my sister Sandy Bennett, also an artist.

Featured Artist: Kevin Rackley

A message from the Artist Kevin Rackley
I was born in 1962 and raised in northern Illinois.  Struggling with dyslexia forced me to try harder in other areas, excelling in art and athletics.  

After high school I worked as a carpenter until moving to San Antonio in 1983. I was then employed as a draftsman for an expanded polystyrene manufacturer where I learned to design and build everything from tapered roof systems to prototype aircrafts.

Moving back to Illinois in 1989, I landed a position with a local architect drafting and building architectural models such as schools, churches and factories.  In 1990, while building a pinewood derby car with my son, my love for sculpting in wood was started. After 10 years, I started my own business accepting commissions for models, signs and large-scale sculptures. In 2007, I returned to Texas to teach art and athletics.

I am always trying to make my next piece better than the last.  I am drawn to the woods in search of trees, sticks and stones, hoping for the chance to create something unique that will last for hundreds of years.

I thank God for being blessed.

Featured Artist: David Long, Artist & Wildlife Sculptor

About the Artist

David received his Art Degree from Southwest Arkansas University in El Dorado in 1975.

After spending 20 years in freelance commercial art and carving wax for jewelry, he found his passion is fine art.

Growing up in Arkansas, he hunted animals out of necessity as a food source. He now studies the same wildlife as inspiration for his painting, jewelry making, and sculpting. He believes the lord guides his hands as he interprets wildlife in their natural surroundings.

Featured Artist: Joe Friddle member of the "Texas Wild Bunch"

27 x 21 Original Water Color
Artist: Joe Friddle
An outdoorsman, a lover of nature, a believer in those things that provided our past… this is Joe Friddle. A transplanted Texan for almost 40 years, Joe was raised on the top of the last mountain in the Smoky Mountain Range in Birmingham, Alabama. He received his formal education from Auburn University and earned a B.S. in Art Education.

Throughout his life Joe has sought ways to share his love for wildlife, the great outdoors, and the importance of strong grassroot characters stemming from rural Texas. Beginning with stylized pencil drawings and portraits and now exploring the freedom of watercolor adds to the nature, Joe incorporates the mediums to join the outdoors and remembrance of time gone by. Whether portraits of old homesteads, historic building structures, still life or other specific portrait requests, there is always a story to tell.

While serving the public education as a teacher the most of 4 decades, his artistic pursuits are a continuation of exploring the beauty of Texas. A student of his interests, he continues to experiment and expand ways to share the character of his subject matter.

A member of the Texas Wild Bunch, Texas’ oldest organization of traditional style professional artists, Joe continues to discover outlets to share his painted subjects and evoke warm memories from those who see his work. His paintings can be found in private collections in many states as well as several countries around the world. Locally his works can be found at several galleries throughout Texas.

Featuresd Artist: Bonnie Chapa

About the Artist Bonnie Feaster Chapa

Creative energy unfulfilled can be haunting. Right out of high school, the structure and dictates of a commercial art program snuffed out my artistic candle. Structure and organization are alive and well in my left brain, but trying to apply someone else’s demands to the right side of my brain was not a career I wanted to undertake. Another, more practical path seemed the best alternative to living where art equaled frustration. A degree in Environmental Health and Safety was about as far from art as I could get, but it fit my left-brain perfectly. The best part of that career choice was finding the most incredible life partner and husband. Together, we have two beautiful, intelligent boys who are the delight of my life.

Our family discovered the Frio River, the coldest and most beautiful river in Texas. Cascading across the rocky foundation of the Texas Hill Country, gulping cold limestone springs into its flow; the Frio is an oasis every sunburned Texan longs to fall into. Soon, my friends and family wanted to take home the images from the Frio, the Gulf of Mexico, the beaches, fields and vistas my camera captured. A digitally created image of my two sons, sitting arm-in-arm beside the glittering Frio, set in motion the interest and demand for this artistic pursuit that cannot be denied. Now, my images that first appeared on my mother’s wall can be found in prints, on canvases, phone covers, and pillows across Central Texas. Every day, someone asks, “Bonnie, what’s next?”

I hear color the way others hear music. I love photography, and capturing beautiful scenes or colorful patterns around us in Central Texas has always been another frustration because no matter how beautiful the photograph turns out, the music of the colors and patterns I saw through the lens is muted for me. When we fell under the spell of the Frio River in the Texas Hill Country, I began to see images in my photographs that would not be silenced, and I found that music again with digital photo manipulation.

I "see" the art the image can become.  That discovery unleashed the creativity I set aside so long ago.  The symphony of color, form, function and symmetry takes my breath away, and I can play the music again and again as the image becomes the reflection of my vision, and more.

Featured Artist: Sheron Driessner

"Belton Court House" Artist Sheron Driessner

About the Artist

Sheron Driessner- After working several years as a registered nurse and then raising three children, Sheron began her artistic endeavors with tole painting classes in 1979. She later owned a craft store and gift basket business trying to use her creative talents in other ways. In the 1990's, she expanded into watercolor painting and in the last few years has done oil, acrylic, and colored pencil. In  2008 she received her Associate of Art degree from Northeast Texas Community College. She currently resides in Belton, TX and is a member of Bell Fine Artsin Belton and Salado Village Artists in Salado.


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